1. iurilioi:

    More art for How to Train Your Dragon 2! This time: Hiccup’s Dragon Blade.
    The Dragon Blade was Hiccup’s way to control fire and another one of his tools to communicate with dragons.

    “One end coats the blade in Monstrous Nightmare saliva, the other sprays Hideous Zippleback gas. All it takes is a spark and…”
    -Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

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  2. "Long live the Chief! Long live the Chief! Long live the Chief!"

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  3. bluenightfury:

    Does anyone else notice that Toothless’s is mouthing “Hiccup?” in the third to last gif?

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  4. woonyoung:

    This week’s artworks, Please enjoy :)

  5. How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Concept Art 

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  6. Some things never change…

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  7. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


  8. child-of-dreamworks-animation:

    We Go Where No One Goes

    My pencil sketch



    My first attempt to draw Hiccup&Toothless togather


  9. httydatlalok said: Is httyd 3 being pushed back?


    Yes it is - the press release is here: http://www.pitchengine.com/pitches/67f8b53d-8625-41b9-82ec-064eec020e1b

    The new date is June 9, 2017! (Release dates are always a moving target, so I’m not terribly surprised - hopefully this will give the filmmakers more time to make #3 extra amazing!)

  10. howtotrainyourdragon:

    To Tame A Titan! Part 4
    (These events take place before HTTYD 2. Read Part 3 here: http://goo.gl/59rv5M)

    Toothless extended his wing to shield the group from the debris kicked up by the Titan’s deafening clamor. Hiccup and Stoick both said in unison, “Time for reinforcements.” “My sentiments exactly!” Astrid announced as she and Stormfly landed beside them. “And what pulled you away from your usual Axe grinding and/or hurling, m’lady?” Hiccup asked. “You mean other than the sounds of our village being destroyed by a massive dragon?” Astrid replied. “She makes a fair point,” said Gobber, wringing more water out of his moustache. “Blah, blah, blah! Less yammering, more hammering!” Snotlout yelled. He and Hookfang rocketed overhead, followed by Fishlegs and Meatlug. “That Titan Wing is particularly hideous! And, um, zipple-y,” Fishlegs squealed. 

    “Use the fishing nets!” Stoick commanded. Hookfang and Meatlug each picked up an end of a large trawling net from the dock and dropped it on the Titan’s two heads, snaring them! “Wait, where are the twins and Barf & Belch?” Hiccup asked. “They might actually have some insights in this situation. And ONLY this situation,” he added. Astrid covered her eyes in shame, pointed with her axe, and muttered, “Over there.” Ruffnut and Tuffnut knelt on the shore, worshipping the Titan! “Oh, great ones! We beseech thee!” Ruffnut exclaimed. “Teach us in your ways of how to blow things up real good!” Tuffnut said between tears of joy. The Titan tore through the net. Its right head motioned towards the mountain peak above Berk and howled. The left head pointed towards the open sea and brayed. “They’re… arguing,” Hiccup realized. 

    Does the right head win, taking the Titan to the mountain?
    Does the left head win, taking the Titan out to sea?

    Choose the next part of the story by commenting here, then keep an eye out for Part 5 next week!
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